Erasmus+ Project 2017-2019: ArtVentures in EUROPE – in search of common roots and perspectives

Our school’s Erasmus+ project is an international project between six European countries, with schools from Germany, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Greece and Finland, one school from each country.

Lahden yhteiskoulu has the honour to represent Finland and Lahti. We have a group of about 20 pupils and 4 teachers in our school working with the project, and we get together at least once a month.

The goal of the project is to provide pupils with tools necessary to lead ART-BASED VENTURES and learn about different PROFESSIONS that performing arts can offer. Pupils prepare a PERFORMANCE based on a myth or legend typical to their nation: it may consist of music, dance, reciting poetry, acting or of any form of performing arts.

Each school chooses a topic taken from the national cultural heritage such as a LEGEND, MYTH or TALE and puts on a performance, which will be shown, not only to its own school community, but also to the project partners in international project meetings. Both the unique culture of a nation and common connecting roots in terms of our shared European identity will thus be studied.

The best part of the project are perhaps these international meetings: group members get to visit some of the countries and schools mentioned above. The hosting school presents the outcomes of the project to the pupils and teachers from the other countries. Lahden yhteiskoulu will be hosting visitors in January 2019.

Pupils involved in this project will learn about international co-operation, working together in groups and communicating in foreign languages among other things.